New VIDEO: First Lamb of the Year Is Born!

Winter is a quiet time on the farm.

Milking is at a minimum and the cows & sheep are on winter hay, leaving daily fence moves a distant memory from grass growing season. After the holidays are over, there are New Year's resolutions, garden planning, and grazing management charts to work on by the warmth of the wood stove.

Lambing Season Begins

Sometime in mid-Winter, lambing season begins with the birth of our first lamb. This is always an exciting time for all of the family. Celia and Mercy check the sheep often and try to guess who might lamb next by judging the fullness and size of the ewes' udders.

The ewes are calm and carefree in the weeks leading up to lambing, enjoying the last days of freedom before the duties of motherhood appear and keep them busy feeding and chasing their babies.

New lambs are so cute (but they don't stay this way for long!)

They are also a reminder that the seasons will soon change and the grass will grow green again.

My children received a new video camera for Christmas so I grabbed it and made a quick video of the new lamb to share with you. 

Take a look...


Be sure to share this video with friends & family who might enjoy it!

And there are more lambs to come! So stay tuned!