THIS is why you need to know your farmer!

As I was scanning the news a few weeks ago, I came across a shocking article about sheep.

Apparently, sheep are regularly transported live from Australia to the Middle East, crammed in cargo ships in deplorable conditions. A high percentage of the sheep are dead on arrival.

I thought, “How can anyone even consider eating meat from animals raised in these conditions?!” “Do they even know this is happening?”

Then it hit me.

This isn't just a meme or a mantra.

It really matters that you know who is producing your food!

When our food is shipped across the country, or in the case of lamb, from the far side of globe, how do you really know what is going into it?

Peachy & son. Our lambs are raised with their mothers, not in a feed lot.

Peachy & son. Our lambs are raised with their mothers, not in a feed lot.

Is it really grass fed?

Are they pumped full of chemicals?

Or finished in a feedlot?

Or worse?

Of course, this all brings me to the three important reasons why you need to know your farmer…


Observation is one of the best teachers. You can visit the farm where your food is raised and learn about all that goes into raising lamb (or anything you eat!).

You will learn what questions to ask and what conditions to look for, and what is important to you.

You can see the grass here is green and lush. You can see the flock is healthy and well cared for and you can hear us call each of the cows, sheep, and chickens by name.


Some of our ewes and lambs on lush, well managed pasture.

Some of our ewes and lambs on lush, well managed pasture.

When the farm & farmer are open to visits and responsive to your questions, you know you are getting an authentic product from someone you can trust.

When I say grass fed, or no GMOs, I will look you in the eye and tell you. I’m not just a website or a grocery store sign, I am a real person right here in your town, county, or region.

Personal Connection.

This one is missing in so much of our lives today, and particularly our modern food system.

But to me it is the most important.

We spend so much time running from place to place, grabbing a quick bite out, never taking the time to slow down, relax, and visit.

And honestly, this is what I love about farming for you!

I love getting to know you, meeting your children and watching them run, grow, and explore.

I recently heard from one of our lamb customers. She said of her visit to the farm,

“ was a lot like hanging out with a friend.”

I feel the same way!

The food I raise here at Foggy Knob Farm is raised to nourish my children as well as yours.

If you are looking for high quality, delicious and nourishing lamb, we are now taking deposits for whole and half lambs.

You are welcome to come here and visit the farm, speak with me and my family, and ask all the questions you want!

For details on our seasonal Grass Fed Lamb, click on the link below.

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