Raw Milk

Sneak Peak: The New Farm Kitchen

If you have been to the farm and sat with me at the long folding tables in the dark back room, you’ll have heard tales of a new farm kitchen.

We’ve been operating with a tiny 8’ x 10’ kitchen that was never really meant to be used for cooking 3 meals a day for 8 people, let alone processing 15-20 gallons of milk, making 8 lb wheels of cheese, and 3-4 gallons of yogurt every week.

After a dozen years, that old kitchen is literally falling apart! It has become difficult for me to do any serious cooking with all the milk processing and dish washing going on. Not to mention, there is almost no cabinet space!

But something very exciting is happening.

We are working hard to get the new farm kitchen completed by Spring 2018, just in time to introduce our new Flexible Raw Milk Herd Share.

This new farm kitchen will be at least 3 times the size of our current kitchen PLUS it will room for an 8-foot farm table (remember the current table sitting right in front of the wood stove?) with room to spare.

We were able to find an 8-foot commercial sink with drainboards. This will really help with containing all the wash water from the milking equipment. There will be dedicated milk processing space at the end of a 4 x 10’ island. This island will have a second stovetop dedicated to cheesemaking, broth making, and canning. Currently, it is difficult to make cheese and prep meals on the one stove we have.

Left to right & top to bottom: Our old, tiny, crumbling kitchen; The dark dingy new kitchen before tiling. This is where the folding tables were located;  The new dining area after tiling. This table is now 2 feet longer than it was; The new freezer & pantry area after tiling; The main kitchen area with new sink. The island will be in the foreground; The wood stove area where the dining table and all my pantry items were stored! We can sit in front of the fire.

The island will also be large enough for me to hold cheese making, fermenting, meat curing, cooking, herb, and general farm classes again!

I know some of you have been here for classes in years past. And I am sure you remember the limited space. Well, you should be able to bring friends when this new kitchen is complete! And I hope you will!

So stay tuned! In a few month, I’ll be hosting cheese tastings, classes, and inviting you over all the time as I will have room to teach and entertain! I hope you are as excited as I am!

I look forward to hosting you here in my new farm kitchen soon!