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6 Ways Lamb Is The Perfect Choice for You

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Have you wanted to purchase fresh, nutrient dense, delicious grass fed meat raised by someone you know & trust but been hesitant to do so because you don’t think you can manage it for one reason or another?

Have you been intimated about the size of the freezer you’d need?

Or are you concerned the meat won’t keep well?

Or that you’d never be able to eat it all up?

Here are some common concerns I have heard from people just like you who have purchased our Grass Fed Lamb and found it to be a great choice...

1. It’s too much meat for just me (or us.)

Foggy Knob Farm whole and half lambs are a reasonable amount of meat for 1-3 people.

Unlike purchasing Grass Fed Beef in bulk, Foggy Knob Farm’s Grass Fed Lamb halves finish out at about 16 pounds of finished cuts.

A whole lamb? Approximately 30 lbs.

2. I don’t have a deep freeze.

Live in an apartment? Downsized to a condo? No problem! No Deep Freeze Required!

You can fit an entire lamb onto 2 shelves in a standard side-by-side kitchen freezer. A half lamb fits on just 1 standard freezer shelf!

3. We travel a lot. The meat will go bad before We can eat it all.  

All our Foggy Knob Farm Grass Fed Lamb cuts come wrapped in coated paper and will last at least 12 months in the freezer with no change in quality or flavor.

I’ve even had packages of lamb get buried (I hate to admit it but sometimes for a year or two!) in my freezer and they have been perfect.

4. I can’t afford it.

Purchasing meat in bulk is certainly a mind shift. You have to plan ahead a bit.

But it is not expensive! A year’s worth lamb for one person costs about $16/month.

Lamb for 2-3 people? $30/month.

I'll bet you spend more at Starbucks in a month! (And it's a good thing there isn't a Starbucks in my town! I'd be in trouble!! Mocha Grande anyone??)

5. We don’t eat a lot of meat.

Nice thing about lamb, the cuts are small when compared to other meats, typically 4-6 ounces per serving.

You can pull out a couple of lamb rib chops and have the perfect sized portion for just you and your spouse.

A package of ground lamb, perfect for lamb burgers on the grill, will provide 4 quarter pounders, a mere 4 ounces of luscious lamb. That’s supper with leftovers for lunch the next day.

6. I don’t cook much.

No problem! It doesn’t take much to cook lamb. Most cuts can be thawed, prepped, and cooked in an hour.

Need some ideas for cooking lamb? Try some of these delicious, quick, and easy recipes:

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So there, now you have no excuses!

Foggy Knob Farm’s whole or half lambs are perfect for you!

If you haven’t had a chance, click on the link below and order your Foggy Knob Farm 100% Grass Fed Lamb today!

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