What is Raw Milk?

Raw Milk is Real Food, fresh from the farm, with no harmful additives or processing.

Unlike pasteurized milk and dairy products, raw milk, butter, and cheeses from grass-fed cows are a healing food. Raw, full fat, milk & dairy products from grass-fed cows are rich sources of health building fat soluble Vitamins A, D, and K2. These important nutrients are missing in our modern, overly processed foods and are at the root of many of our modern maladies.

Perhaps you've had digestive troubles with milk and dairy foods from the grocery store. Or maybe you have other reactions like eczema or acne and you and your doctor haven't been able to figure it out.

Raw milk and raw dairy foods like those produced on our farm don't cause health problems, they heal them! I've heard countless stories from people who have switched from commercial pasteurized dairy to raw dairy and experienced healing of all sorts of maladies.

I personally recovered, as a child, from chronic tonsillitis when my parents switched out pasteurized, over processed grocery store milk for Real Raw Milk from a local dairy farm. I never got tonsillitis again.

Even as an adult, after years of drinking grocery store milk when I left home, my tonsils shrunk down to a normal size and 90% of my digestive issues disappeared.

Raw Milk Heals!

How Our Flexible Raw Milk Herd Share Works

Life can be hectic & stressful with work, kids, and life. But with our Flexible Raw Milk Herd Share, you don't have to stress about getting your raw dairy products.

Once or twice a month, you can take a leisurely drive to the country and go hiking or biking in the nearby mountains or visit our lakes and river for kayaking or a swim

On your way back just stop by our farm for a cup of coffee or tea and a nice chat with your farmer, then head home with all the raw milk goodies you ordered.

You'll feel energized and refreshed after a day in the fresh air and your raw milk & dairy pick up won't stress you out!

Here's how it works... 

You purchase a share of our grass fed dairy herd for a one time cost of $45. For each share of the herd you own, you pay Foggy Knob Farm $25 per month to keep and care for the cows and to produce your favorite dairy products for you with your portion of the milk.

Nutmeg, the herd queen.

Nutmeg, the herd queen.

Place Your Order

The week prior to picking up your order, you will let us know, via email or phone, what you would like on your next pick up day.

For each Foggy Knob Farm Herd Share you own, you receive 4 credits each month toward your favorite raw dairy products.

Here are some examples of what you might choose:

  • 1/2 gallon milk, 1 credit
  • 1 quart yogurt, 1 credit
  • 1 quart kefir, 1 credit
  • 1 lb cottage cheese, 1 credit
  • 1 lb cream cheese, 1 credit
  • 8 ounces cheddar cheese, 1 credit
  • 8 ounces European style butter, 1 credit
  • 1 pint half-n-half, 1 credit

You might decide to come twice a month and pick up 1/2 gallon of milk and a pound of cottage cheese each time. Or come once a month a get 4 quarts of yogurt or kefir.

Milk production varies through the year. In late winter, fresh milk may not be available. We make cheeses when there is surplus milk so you can always get your raw dairy fix, even when milk, half-n-half, and fresh cheeses are not available.

And with additional milk surpluses, you will be able to acquire additional dairy products as available.

Schedule Your On farm pick up

Our farm is open several days a week, for your convenience. After arranging in advance for your favorite dairy products, let us know when you will be here to get them.

Our farm hours are:

  • Mondays, 12-2
  • Wednesdays 12-4
  • Thursdays 4-7
  • Saturdays 10-12

We are also happy to work with you on another day or time if for some reason you cannot pick up during our scheduled times.

Our dairy cows graze lush, well managed pastures and make delicious, nutrient dense milk.

Our dairy cows graze lush, well managed pastures and make delicious, nutrient dense milk.

Caerphilly, Cheddar-style cheese with natural rind.

Caerphilly, Cheddar-style cheese with natural rind.

Pay your boarding fee monthly

You will be billed monthly for your boarding & labor fees. We use PayPal for payments so you can pay from your checking account or with a credit or debit card. Convenient, eh?

Are you ready to sign up? Send me an email at Kristin@FoggyKnobFarm.com for more details.

Our Flexible Raw Milk Herd Shares will be available soon.

Become a subscriber to be notified when our herdshares become available.