Grass Fed Lamb

One of the things I love about Grass-Fed Lamb is how super easy & quick it is to cook.

With Foggy Knob Farm Grass-fed Lamb, it's easy to skip dining out with all the unknown health harming ingredients.

Instead, you can thaw a handful of lamb chops or a whole leg of lamb in 30 minutes and have it on the grill then your table in

And trust me, it'll taste a lot better and be far more satisfying than that fast food burger!

You won't be tempted to get that soda pop either.

And the cost? Less than a the price of a Value Meal!

Foggy Knob Farm's Grass-fed Lamb is so mild and tender even our customers new to lamb are surprised by the fabulous flavor.

"Delicious Lamb! Beyond 5 Stars."

"Not only was it delicious, but I love knowing it was raised the way it should be, both for the animal's welfare and the most healthy end product for us. "

"Best Lamb Ever!"

Click this link to reserve your Foggy Knob Farm Whole or Half Lamb:

Our 2018 lamb is sold out! Thank you for a great season.

We’ll be taking deposits for our 2019 lambs in late Spring 2019

Afraid you don't have room for a 1/2 or whole lamb?

You don’t need a deep freeze like you do when buying half a beef.

Lamb Chops are Fast Food

Lamb Chops are Fast Food

Half a lamb fits in a standard refrigerator freezer with room to spare for all your other frozen foods.

Quick & Delicious Spicy Lamb Burgers

Quick & Delicious Spicy Lamb Burgers

It takes up the space of a standard milk crate or an area approximately 1 foot wide by 1 foot high by 1 foot deep.

You'll have months worth of delicious health restoring lamb for late Summer grilling & comforting Winter meals at your fingertips.

Not sure how to cook Lamb?

Grass-fed lamb is tender and cooks up fast.  

A few lamb chops on the grill take minutes to prep and cook.

Even a Leg of Lamb roast can be simply prepared on the grill or in the oven.

Or how about Spicy Lamb Burgers? Dressed to your liking and with or without a bun for a paleo friendly, low carb, gluten free supper.

Check out our blog for easy & quick lamb recipes.

Here's what you get when you buy 1/2 a Foggy Knob Farm Lamb*

  • 2 lbs T bone Lamb Chops

  • 2 lbs Rib Chops

  • 1 lb Rack of Ribs

  • 2-4 lb Boneless Leg of Lamb

  • 1 lb Sirloin Chops

  • 1 lb Lamb Shanks

  • 3 lbs Ground Lamb

  • 3 lbs Neck, Marrow, Soup Bones for Broth or for your pet

  • 1 lb organ meats (liver & kidney)

Total cuts: Approximately 15-17 lbs of cuts, bones, and organ meats.

The price per pound is approximately $12-$13/lb* for everything, including butchering and much cheaper than eating out (not to mention, you'll know EXACTLY what is in your meal)!

*Note: These are estimates and will vary based on the final hanging weight of the lamb you purchase and how you have it cut.

Purchase 1/2 or whole Lamb

Ready to purchase a half or whole lamb? Here's how it works....

  1. We reserve a 1/2 or whole lamb for you when your non-refundable deposit is paid (see the PayPal link below.)

  2. You pay us $7.50/lb for a whole lamb, $8.00/lb for a half lamb.

    The per pound price is on the hanging or dressed weight.

    This is the weight of the carcass with the head, hide, and innards removed, like you see in pictures of butcher shops.

    We will contact you with the hanging weight after your lamb has gone to the butcher.

    Our whole lamb hanging weights average 40 lbs. Half lambs average 22 lbs.

  3. We will pay the butchering fee and bill you for it along with the price of your lamb, less your deposit.

    Butchering is $30.00 for a half lamb, $60.00 for a whole lamb.

    Payment of the balance due on your lamb is due upon receipt of your lamb.

  4. We will contact you when your lamb is ready for pick up.

    We can meet you at the butcher, at the farm, or deliver for an additional fee.

We have a standard set of cuts we recommend (see above in What You Get) or you can let us know what you would like in cuts.

Confused? Don't worry. We'll walk you through the process.

Contact me at I will be happy to answer any questions your have!

Ready to purchase your own Foggy Knob Farm Grass-fed Lamb? Here's where you start....

Our 2018 lamb is sold out! Thank you for a great season.